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Picking apart the digital marketing scene, a blog entry at a time.

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An intro to UTM Parameters

You might have designed a new social media campaign meant to drive traffic to your website… but how have people found their way to your site? Do you know what specific post generated actual leads? As digital marketers it’s important to be able to measure the impact of your strategies, hence the use of “UrchinContinue reading “An intro to UTM Parameters”

Designing personas: People not caricatures

Personas are fictional profiles, based-off real user research as part of their design process. They’ve been heavily criticised however, for being an oversimplification of customers. Whilst customers are individuals with many differences, personas remain an important tool in user-centred research for marketing. So, how do I design it better? Focus on behaviours and context ratherContinue reading “Designing personas: People not caricatures”

The gig economy: Our future as digital marketers?

Composed of flexible jobs, where independent contractors and freelancers are hired for short term projects, much of the gig economy was made possible via virtual platforms such as Airtasker and Fiverr. In essence, it is a form of employment that undermines traditional employment models of a daily “9 to 5” job. The Gig Economy of Australia BetweenContinue reading “The gig economy: Our future as digital marketers?”